DiamondStone Guest Lodges
16693 Sprague Loop
La Pine, Oregon, 97739, United States
(541) 536-6263
(541) 508-4217

DiamondStone Art

DiamondStone's rooms and guest common areas are decorated with limited edition western and wildlife sculptures, photos, and custom-framed prints. We choose our artists using two primary criteria: the beauty and uniqueness of their art, plus the investment potential of the particular piece. Many of our featured artists are internationally known, others are newer on the scene. Together they comprise a diverse group of talents. We are now proudly presenting the works of the following artists:

Gary Carter, C.A.A.
Western Artist

Russel D. Jorgensen (featured)
Western/Wildlife Sculpture

Fred Pflughoft
Central Oregon Photographer

James Bama
Kalon Baughan
Steve Devenyns
Kay Homan
Sherrie Russell
G.E. McMahon
Wayne Justus
Mark Silversmith

Call for Viewing Appointment (800) 600-6263

Mail order & drop-shipping available